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Promoting the rights of people with disability, who require a companion, to fair ticketing at events and venues

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The William Bertram Community Centre offers a range of creative, educational and social programs for use by the local Bertram community and surrounding areas. The space is perfect for:​

  • Taking part in the regular programs, workshops and events run by the centre.
  • Booking one of the great hireable spaces for a one off event, function, party or meeting
  • Holding regular community meetings, group activities or support services in one of the large rooms or in the consultation rooms

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  • Type/Category Parks & Recreation
  • Street Address Johnson Rd
  • Suburb BERTRAM
  • State Western Australia
  • Postcode 6167
  • Phone Number (08) 9236 4320
Thursday, 08 September 2016 05:56

City of Kwinana - Darius Wells Centre

Designed as a community meeting place, the Darius Wells offers a unique mixture of not-for-profit agencies, offering tailored community services on the upper level, with a modern and expansive Kwinana Public Library on the ground floor, accompanied by a Dome Café and the Toddler Town Crèche. The entire facility also offers free WiFi!

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  • Type/Category Parks & Recreation
  • Street Address Chisham Ave & Robbos Pl
  • State Western Australia
  • Postcode 6167
  • Phone Number (08) 9236 4300
Wednesday, 07 September 2016 04:51

Perth Zoo

The role and purpose of zoos have changed enormously in recent decades. As a modern zoo, Perth Zoo aims to provide visitors with the opportunity to encounter the natural world and to become involved in conservation action.

Our vision, which inspires and directs our work, is for a world where diversity of species and habitats is secure.

Our purpose as an organisation is to actively contribute to conservation. This is done through our research activities, support for wildlife projects, our animal breeding programs particularly breeding animals for release into the wild, wildlife rehabilitation, and partnerships with other groups and organisations. Perth Zoo also actively contributes to conservation through the work of its staff in field conservation, wildlife veterinary training, education programs and interpretation.

We actively work to connect our visitors with ways that they can contribute to conservation.  We do this by using the Zoo as a resource and a learning environment about conservation and environmental sustainability and by providing opportunities for visitor involvement.

Our aims include connecting people with nature, inspiring in people a passion for conservation, and providing links and practical means for people to be active in conservation programs here at the Zoo and beyond our borders.

Additional Information

  • Type/Category Parks & Recreation
  • Street Address 20 Labouchere Rd
  • Suburb SOUTH PERTH
  • State Western Australia
  • Postcode 6151
  • Phone Number (08) 9474 0444
We provide facilities for our members to improve their modelling skills and expertise Calendar

We have several Special Interest Groups specialising in various scale/gauge ratio modelling and the research and modelling of a number of prototypes, both Australian and overseas

Our Branch has a Library with a good range of books, magazines, videos, etc. on railway and modelling topics providing an excellent research resource

We have several model railway layouts, some small, some not quite so small, catering for scales from N through HO, OO, Sn3½, O and the larger scales.

Our layouts cover many of the common scale/gauge ratios used in railway modelling. Some of these layouts are ‘works in progress’ where members can learn ‘how it’s done’ in a practical way by getting involved. Members can ‘play trains’ on most of the layouts, subject to layout availability

We have advised a number of Community Groups regarding constructing a model railway layout suitable for their needs. We have also assisted in the construction of these layouts.

We also support various Community Groups by providing a model railway layout and staff at their fetes and other fund raising events.

We present a Model Railway Exhibition and ModelRail each year.

Our newsletter, Branchline, is published in February, April, June, August, October and December and usually contains between 24 and 40 pages.

All financial members receive a free copy of Branchline either by post or electronically at their choice. Copies are also provided to various other railway and model railway organisations, usually on a contra basis, as we are supplied with copies of their newsletters and these are available in our Library.

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  • Type/Category Parks & Recreationaustg
  • Street Address 24 Moojebing Street
  • Suburb BAYSWATER
  • State Western Australia
  • Postcode 6053
  • Phone Number (08) 9377 3456
Tuesday, 06 September 2016 03:50

Paintball Skirmish

Paintball Skirmish was first established in Western Australia in 1992. We are the original company to bring paintball games to WA and the first to become legally registered.

Proudly WA owned and operated since opening 22 years ago our management first began running mobile paintballing games around Perth (at our customers premises) and it fast became a well known sport. As paintballing popularity grew so did our customer demand which encouraged our management in 1998 to establish our Swan Valley Paintball venue!

We are open 7 days a week at the Swan Valley field on 25 acres of natural bushland with numerous playing fields to choose from. All fields are scattered with various objects and trees as game cover and operate in all weather conditions, whether it is rain, hail or shine. Only the most extreme and dangerous weather stops a great paintball battle.

Our friendly and well trained staff with over 40 years experience running paintball games will guide players to play to the best of their ability. Using keen strategies and tactical skills, our staff will help bring out great enthusiasm, energy and team spirit in everyone.

We will recommend various paintball games to suit all groups of all ages from 12yrs to adults, including Birthdays, Sports Clubs, Bucks/Hens parties, Corporate team building, Xmas functions or just friends having fun! You can put your teams together or if you are a single or 2 – 3 players we will match you with a team of comparable skills.

Additional Information

  • Type/Category Parks & Recreation
  • Street Address Corner of Gnangara Rd & West Swan Rd
  • State Western Australia
  • Postcode 6055
  • Phone Number (08) 9248 1693
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