Western Australia

Promoting the rights of people with disability, who require a companion, to fair ticketing at events and venues

Patricia Thomson

For Patricia Thomson, being 90 is to have a willing mind but a somewhat reluctant body.

"I forget that I’m 90 and of course I can’t do as much as I used to," she says. "My mind is always racing away thinking of where I’d like to go, but even just going out to check the mail takes half the morning!".

The British ex-pat has always had a passion for travel and adventure, having spent her childhood in Egypt, followed by a stint in Liverpool serving in the Wrens (Women’s Royal Naval Service) during World War II, moving to Vancouver, and even just last year completing a road-trip across the Nullabor with daughter Joanna.

These days the West Leederville resident relies on her Companion Card to keep love of excitement and adventure alive.

When they’re not embarking on long-haul expeditions, Patricia and Joanna regularly use the card to attend events together such as the Perth International Arts Festival, football games and other sporting events.

Last year the pair celebrated Patricia’s 90th birthday dancing at a Neil Diamond concert – thanks to the card.

“It’s more than handy – it actually makes life much more enjoyable,” Joanna says. “When we book tickets with the card, we know there will be good wheelchair access which is reassuring and it just makes outings much more do-able.”