Before applying to become an Affiliate of the WA Companion Card program, please read the Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

  • Affiliates understand that the Companion Card will only be issued when the cardholder requires the assistance of a companion to participate at a particular venue/activity.
  • The minimum expectation of Companion Card Affiliates is that they will issue Companion Cardholders from any Australian State or Territory with one companion ticket, or admission, at no charge. This ticket will be exempt from all booking fees.
  • Where a cardholder needs more than one companion, to provide attendant care support, the cardholder will negotiate this with the venue/activity at the time of booking.
  • The Companion Card can be used to obtain a companion ticket for any programs, services and sessions run by an affiliated venue/activity operators. This will be subject to the usual admission availability and conditions.
  • Booking and ticket distribution practices for companion tickets should not be more difficult than the standard ticketing practices of the affiliated venue/activity.
  • The Companion Card can be used in conjunction with any recognised concession cards.
  • The venue/activity must ensure cardholders are able to be seated or located physically close to their companions. Companions will remain close to cardholders to assist them as required. Cardholders with specific seating requirements will inform the venue/activity at the time of booking.
  • Some venue/activity operators may charge for participation over and above general admission costs (e.g. a fee for rides in addition to an entry fee at a fun park). Affiliated venue/activity operators must issue a companion ticket for both admission, and for additional components, such as rides etc., if the cardholder requires assistance in order to participate.
  • Companion Cards may be used to purchase a package deal that combines admission costs with ancillary components such as meals etc. When taking a booking for a package deal, affiliates should provide details of what is included with the companion ticket. It is essential that the companion’s support to the cardholder is not disrupted if the ancillary components are not included in the companion ticket. For example; if meals are not included, the companion must be able to bring or access food in a manner that enables them to provide continual support to the cardholder.
  • Affiliated venues/activities agree to, where possible, display the Companion Card logo in a prominent position at their business premises or ticketing outlet, and promotional material.
  • Only the person whose photograph and details appear on the Companion Card can use the card.
  • Companion tickets cannot be used without the Companion Cardholder being present.
  • Companion Cardholders must inform the venue/activity of their requirements for a companion ticket at the time they book or purchase their own tickets.
  • Acceptance of the Companion Card does not indicate that the venue/activity is accessible. Cardholders will be advised to check accessibility with the venue/activity before booking tickets.
  • Cardholders must provide their Companion Card details when making telephone bookings, and must present their valid card during ticket collection and at any time when asked during the activity. If the cardholder cannot present their card, they may be charged for the companion ticket.
  • If a venue/activity suspects a Companion Card is being misused, they can report this to the Companion Card Program, which will investigate the report. Proven misuse of the Companion Card may result in cancellation, and the cardholder being ineligible to reapply.
  • It is understood that the venue/activity operators and organisations agree to and accept the Companion Card Affiliate Terms and Conditions when they submit the Business and Organisation Affiliation Form.

You can also download the Affiliate Terms and Conditions below:
PDF | Word document

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