Why join?

Companion Card allows businesses hosting recreational, leisure or social events and activities to support customers with a significant and permanent disability.

When using the Companion Card with an Affiliate, eligible cardholders can easily enjoy participating in the community with a companion.

Affiliation with the Companion Card Program is free. Through participation in the Program, Affiliates are meeting their social responsibility by incorporating the human rights of people with disability into ticketing policies and practices.

What is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is defined as an organisation, event or venue participating in the WA Companion Card Program that charges a fee for tickets or registration to an event or activity.

By becoming an Affiliate of the WA Companion Card Program, a business is agreeing to issue one extra ticket, at no cost, to cardholders who are buying a ticket and require attendant care.

The Companion Card has been developed to assist business and community sectors to comply with existing disability anti-discrimination legislation. The Card is not a discount scheme or concession.

How does it work?

Companion Cardholders present their card, or provide their card details, when booking tickets to a paid event or activity. The Affiliate issues the cardholder with one extra ticket at no cost.

Card security

The WA Companion Card’s robust application and audit process ensures it is issued to people who meet the strict eligibility criteria. The Companion Card includes the cardholder’s name, card number, card expiry date and a photograph of the cardholder, reducing the potential for misuse of the card.

Furthermore, the card itself incorporates the same polymer technology that is used to produce Australia’s ‘plastic’ banknotes. This makes the Companion Card virtually impossible to accurately reproduce.

If an organisation suspects misuse of the Companion Card, they should lodge a complaint directly with the WA Companion Card program by phoning 1800 617 337.

A man uses his Companion Card at a movie theatre.
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