Western Australia

Promoting the rights of people with disability, who require a companion, to fair ticketing at events and venues


Suggest a New Western Australian Affiliate

If you would like to suggest a Western Australian business or organisation that does not currently accept the Companion Card please email wacompanioncard@nds.org.au.

Note : Some venues and events may not know about the Companion Card (or may not display the logo) but may still accept your card if you tell them about it.

If you are not sure if a venue or activity accepts the Companion Card, check with them in advance.

Acceptance of the Companion Card does not indicate that a venue/activity is accessible. Cardholders are advised to check accessibility with the venue/activity operator before booking tickets.

Why Affiliate?

Affiliation with the Companion Card Program is free and means you will be joining a fantastically diverse group of businesses and organisations across Western Australia already recognising the Companion Card.

The Companion Card has been developed to assist the business and community sectors to comply with existing disability anti-discrimination legislation and to increase the participation of people with a disability as active customers in the community.

The Companion Card is not a discount scheme, concession or benefit.

Benefits of Affiliation include:

You will be meeting your social responsibility by incorporating the human rights of people with a disability into your ticketing policies and practices.

You will have access to an additional, untapped target market.

The Companion Card, if adopted by a venue/event, provides evidence that the organisation or business has taken some steps to remove discriminatory policies or practices.

Becoming an affiliate is an easy way to help you prevent some complaints of discrimination being lodged against you with the Equal Opportunity Commission.

Affiliation will present a positive public image for your organisation or business.

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliates are businesses, organisations, events or venues that officially register to participate in and support the Companion Card program.

An affiliate agrees to:

  • issue a companion ticket at no charge to cardholders who require attendant care support from a companion to participate at their venue/event;
  • display the Companion Card logo in a prominent customer service area and in promotional material where possible; and
  • abide by the Companion Card Affiliate Terms and Conditions, see below.

For full details read the Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

Please Note:

It is important to remember, disability anti-discrimination legislation applies to your business or organisation regardless of whether or not you are a registered affiliate of the Companion Card program.

Card security

The Companion Card boasts a rigorous application and audit process which ensures the Companion Card reaches its intended audience. The Companion Card includes the cardholder's name, card number, card expiry date and a photograph of the cardholder.

The card incorporates a number of security features that are provided to businesses and organisations when they affiliate with the program. These can be used to verify cardholder information when taking telephone bookings and distributing tickets. Organisations can choose if, or how, they wish to incorporate the card's security features into ticketing policies and practices.

The card itself incorporates the same polymer technology that is used to produce Australia's "plastic" banknotes. This makes the Companion Card virtually impossible to accurately reproduce.

If an organisation suspects misuse of the Companion Card, they should lodge a complaint directly with the WA Companion Card program by phoning 1800 617 337.