Musica Viva - National

Musica Viva - National

Founded in 1945 Musica Viva is Australia’s oldest independent professional performing arts organisation. As an independent non-profit arts organisation Musica Viva relies on the essential support of donors funding partners government support corporate partners and the many volunteers who freely give their time. Thanks to their help Musica Viva continues to share the delights of chamber music with audiences throughout Australia presenting over 2400 concerts in capital cities regional communities and schools – not to mention the national and international artists we support throughout our vast range of programs.

Musica Viva continues to challenge the boundaries of chamber music turning it from its conservative origins into a rich celebration of intimacy vitality and a…rtistry. In 2006 Musica Viva was awarded for Distinguished Services to Australian Music in the Australian Classical Music Awards – a first for an institution rather than an individual. Music enriches our lives and often becomes i…

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