Shire of Waroona

Shire of Waroona

The Shire of Waroona stretches from ‘Sea to S​carp’ – that is  the Indian Ocean to the Darling Range and incorporates the localities of Waroona Hamel Preston Beach and Lake Clifton. You will find pristine beaches unspoilt lakes of the coastal plains fertile farmlands and peaceful jarrah forests. The Waroona townsite is located off the South Western Highway about 108 kilometre from Perth. It can be reached by road from Perth via Mandurah or Armadale and is a comfortable 1.5 hour drive from the city centre. Waroona can also be reached from Bunbury by Old Coast Road or South Western Highway an easy 40 minute drive. The Waroona townsite has a population of approximately 2 500 people and a total Shire population of 3 772 as per last Bureau Statistics Information (2009).
The Council for the Shire of Waroona is committed to providing a high quality service to its residents.
This can only be achieved through the cohesive contributions of the community Elected Members and Staff of the Shire of Waroona.

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